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How To Make And Benefits Of Carrot Oil

Carrot oil can be used for the skin or hair and getting a good one can be nerve-racking sometimes, it’s either expensive or you fear getting a fake one. I learned how to make my own carrot oil and the transformation was so beautiful; the use of carrot oil brightened my skin and made it really soft, the key is to apply it when your skin is still wet before applying your lotion 🌚 I have never gone back to buying from a store ever since. Keep reading as I walk you through how to make your own carrot oil.


• Hand Grater 

• Pot

• Mesh Strainer or Cheese Cloth

• Jar

Carrot Oil Ingredient

• Carrots

• Essential or Carrier Oils of your choice (In my case I use Vitamin E Oil and Johnson’s Baby Oil) 


1. Wash carrots and peel the skin off. Grate carrots with the use of a hand grater.

2. Place the grated carrot in a pot and pour the oil of your choice to cover the carrot.

3. Heat very slowly until color changes from yellow to orange

4. Allow cooling then strain with a strainer, separate carrot solids, and discard then store your oil in a jar. 

Benefits Of Carrot Oil

It brightens and rejuvenates dull skin

• It smoothens skin 

• It makes the skin soft and supple

• It soothes sunburn on the skin 

• It firms the skin 

I love that this oil is not heavy on the skin, it is suitable for dry, normal, sensitive, and oily skin. 

Side Note: I do not use this oil on my face because I already use facial cream, oil, and serums to avoid clogging my pore with too many products but there is an exception if you don’t use facial products, that way you balance out the oil on your face (for people with oily face)

I hope you have fun while trying it out, good luck. 

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