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How To Prepare Scent Leaf Tea

For several years, scent leaf has been used to resolve many skin and health concerns as it contains essential chemical substances that help to fix skin issues and live a healthy life.

Scent leaf tea became a healthy living food ingredient found in almost every home since it was discovered to be a cure to various digestive problems.

In this article, I will be guiding you on how to prepare scent leaf tea, the history of scent leaf and the benefits of taking scent leaf tea.

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Steps On How To Prepare Scent Leaf Tea

To make your scent leaf tea, there are certain household items that you must have and they are:

1. Gas or stove
2. Kettle or pot
3. Water
4. Cup.

Lastly, the scent leaf itself (make sure it is fresh).

Follow the steps mentioned below to prepare your scent leaf tea:

Step 1: Wash your scent leaf thoroughly to remove dirt
Step 2: Pour a glass of water or 2 ( this depends on how much the scent leaf is) into your kettle
Step 3: Place your clean scent leaf in your kettle
Step 4: Lit your gas or stove and boil for 30 mins
Step 5: After 30 mins, put off your gas or stove.

The water and scent leaf mixture in your kettle is your scent leaf tea, pour in a cup, leave it to warm and drink.

The reason why you have to boil your scent leaf simply means you are extracting all the nutrients present in the scent leaf and transferring it to the water in the kettle, which then becomes your scent leaf tea.

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Brief History Of Scent Leaf

Scent leaf whose botanical name is Ocimum Gratissimum, is a tropical plant that belongs to the family of Lamiaceae.

A scent leaf plant lives for more than two (2) years; despite being a homegrown shrub, it can also be found in the wild.

It is an aromatic herb with great health and skin benefit, It is also used in cooking.

In Nigeria, scent leaf has different names; different names for different tribes.

The Yorubas call it Efirin, the Igbo call it Nchanwu leaf, the Hausas call it Daidoya, the Edos call it Aramogbo and the Efiks call it Ntong.

Asides from eating scent leaf as a vegetable, it can also be taken orally by boiling it in water as explained in the section above.

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18 Benefits Of Scent Leaf

Scent leaf is very beneficial to humans and this benefits spread across medical health, skin and hair.

Some benefits of scent leaf are as follows:

1. It promotes eyesight
2. It reduces bad cholesterol and increaser blood circulation
3. It aids digestion
4. It cures heartburn
5. It lowers blood sugar
6. It facilitates milk production
7. It prevents malaria
8. It serves as a food preservative
9. It can be used as a cosmetic fragrance
10. It cures fungal infections
11. It treats diarrhea
12. It cures menstrual pain, stomach ache, and earache
13. It cures fever
14. It kills bacteria in the mouth
15. It speeds up the healing of wounds
16. It promotes hair growth
17. It aids better reproductive health
18. It relieves and refreshes the body.

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