What is the best mindset to have before going into a relationship?

How to develop relationships?

There are 5 keywords you need to remember:

1. Conversation

No relationship can develop if the links in it do not talk, share together. Simply a few minutes of phone calls, a greeting card and a few handwritten greetings every holiday, new year, or on a special anniversary, or even shared emails / messages together the simple things in life.

2. Asking each other (Interested in each other)

People – everyone wants to be heard and respected. Want someone to love you more, first let them know you also love them, respect them, expect to hear from them.

3. Support / Help (Support / Help)

Before “taking” please practice “giving”. A presence, timely assistance meaning more than ten thousand words ornate and cliché. Sufficient attention, sufficient sophistication is the essential ingredient for this recipe.

I have a friend, who started out as a salesman at a fairly large company. Every day, he observed that his boss was late to work in the morning, hurriedly left the company in the afternoon, always in a hurry, different from the calm style when handling work. Then he found out the cause of that situation is because the boss had to pick up 2 children to go to school. I am often interested in helping others, especially loving children, my friend repeatedly asked my boss to help me – replace the boss who took two children to school. It also went through 5–6 refusals, finally the boss accepted his support.

On my friend’s side, in order to complete the job of picking up and arriving at the company on time, every morning I had to get up a few hours earlier, go back a long way. But thanks to the transportation of the two children, my friend got closer to the boss, from which he learned that his life was very healthy, then he learned how to organize his work, and he gave some books to him. to improve professional skills.

A few months later, the company accepted a big project, and after considering it, my boss decided to give it to my friend. In terms of ability, my friend probably doesn’t match with many other names in the same room, but in terms of mind, the quickness in observing, solving work, or working between people, my friend has “plus points. ”.

It can be seen that people who build relationships with sincerity, sharing, always deserve love and trust.

4. Create value

Why do you want to connect with someone? Benefit! Whether intangible or tangible, certainly no relationship is built without the elements within it not seeing its benefits. Your job is to determine the value of yourself and each other in each relationship to select: Who really should be in your circle of connections ”and don’t forget to add value to your his relationship.

After 75 years of research, through 4 generations of scientists, Harvard University finally proved what is most important for a happy life.

“The quality of your life is determined not only by the number of friends you have, but also by whether you have a long-term commitment. The quality of the relationship is the key, ”said Robert Waldinger, a fourth-generation scientist at Harvard’s University of Great Sciences.

5. Keep promise (Keep promise)

Keeping promises is the key to creating each person’s personal brand. Keeping promises helps shape trust – something people in modern society are wary of when they want to give it to people, because not many people attach importance to their commitments and their promises. And even more erratically, many people overlook the promise to their families and relatives just because they think “their relatives will sympathize with them”.

5 years ago, my network was not strong enough and in depth, at that time, I did not have many international relations, not receiving many trade promotion projects like today, but only thanks to one promise, My career path has turned to a whole new page.

The story is, a French overseas Vietnamese brought to Vietnam his desire to build bridges and schools for people in the Southwest region. He sought people who could handle papers to establish a non-profit organization in Vietnam. At that time I was studying law, all the knowledge was still on paper, but I was confident that I would take care of everything, plus the expectation that people would soon be supported to move less hard, so I Promise to take care of the documents for him. By the time I got to work, I was “on fire” when I heard the price I had to pay – it was 10 times the amount I promised to the overseas Vietnamese, and it took me a whole year to get it.

I stood between two options, one was to keep my promise, pay my own paperwork, and the other was to refuse to work on and become a broken promise. Thinking about enough sugar, I finally decided to “eat girly sleep” at the Department of Planning and Investment for a week, asking one after another, until the Department’s staff gradually got used to the face, it was time for me get a solution that costs less than half and is much faster.

After 6 months, exchanging a sum of money and running for two weeks everywhere, I brought the papers back to him, and that was when the name Huynh Cong Thang became valuable in the French community. For every 10 French people who want to enter the Vietnamese market through the market of Uncle Viet Kieu, 8 of them connect with me and more specifically, all the prices I give them are trusted to accept.

After a lot of experience, I learned the lesson “Sow too much seed but do not spend time caring, fertilizing it is like ending a life.”

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