Windows 11 brings a smoother gaming experience, with more FPS

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  • Windows 11 users were more than eager to try out some of the current video games on this early version of the OS. 
  • So far, players have revealed that a lot of the games which worked on Windows 10, also work on Windows 11, only better.
  • After testing some of the most recent, resource-hungry games, users declare that Windows 11 is much better for gaming.
  • Microsoft could be looking to deliver a more gaming dedicated version of the operating system, including more efficient use of resources and memory.

Even though users are now busier than ever, checking out everything the new OS has to offer, there is one question that most of them were itching to get answers to.

Will games run smoother on Windows 11? Apparently, based on community feedback, video games do seem to perform better on this early build, even better than they did on Windows 10.

How are games performing on the early Windows 11 build?

Social media platforms have been taken by storm. with users wanting to share their Windows 11 gaming experience with the rest of the world.

Although some thought that this early OS build couldn’t support games, seeing how it doesn’t even have the Microsoft Store, others tried and they were quite satisfied with the results.

As we previously discussed, Windows 11 seems to run smoother and faster than its predecessor, so it should come as no surprise that games would also perform better on this improved OS.

Among some of the games that users have tried on the new operating system build, were Minecraft, Far Cry, or Crash 4.

However, most of the gamers were interested in some of the more recent, more system requirements hungry games.

Tested with MW 2019 and BOCW, and both are actually running at 60fps locked, due to the way I run my vsync, only have 60 hz panels right now. And they both play a hell of a lot better than on windows 10.

As one of the Reddit users points out, after trying Call Of Duty’s Modern Warfare, and Black Ops: Cold War, he was more than impressed.

Not only did the titles work on Windows 11, but they performed significantly better than they ever did on the previous version of the OS.

Windows 11 could revolutionize PC gaming

Although none such information has been mentioned by any Microsoft officials, we can deduce that developers will put a lot of time in perfecting the gaming aspects of Windows 11.

Video games are become more and more realistic and eating up a lot of RAM. And besides a sturdy processor and a state of the art GPU, users will surely need a reliable, stable operating system to run such games on.

It could be that we will see never before witnessed gaming specs for Windows 11, maybe even a dedicated version, in the future, with could feature other improvements, including more efficient use of resources and memory.

Microsoft is also improving Xbox integration into Windows 11. The Xbox Game Bar and Windows Game Mode all remain the same as Windows 10 in this early leaked build.

All we can do now is wait for Microsoft to make their big reveal, and share with users worldwide that they plan to do with Windows 11.

What games are you eager to try on Windows 11? Let us know in the comments section below,

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