Windows 11 runs better & faster on old or low-spec devices

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  • Since its release, users have been constantly trying to rate the new Windows 11.
  • Few complaints have been made appearance-wise towards the newly leaked OS.
  • Windows 11 even brought the transitioned version of its much-loved Dark Mode.
  • Users say this operating system performs better than Windows 10, even on older or outdated devices.

There are endless discussions and millions upon millions of threads about Windows 11 nowadays, everyone wanting to get their point of view across, as far as this OS goes.

While some are intrigued and have grown to like this primitive Windows 11 build, others are bashing it and saying that its just Windows 10 with a new skin, while nothing new is being brought to the table.

We have to also keep in mind that the current version of the new operating system is actually very far from being complete and its limitations don’t really let us truly discover it.

Windows 11 seems to perform better than its predecessor

This is more than normal news, considering that a company as big and tech-savvy as Microsoft wouldn’t just invest into visual upgrades for an operating system as big as theirs.

So the fact that Windows 11 actually performs better than the previous OS shouldn’t come as such a shock to us.

We can all agree that this was the number one aim for Microsoft developers while designing the future.

Users that got their hands on this early Windows 11 build are already starting to sense the differences between how this operating system performs, in comparison with the one before.

Some of them even tried installing this OS on some pretty old devices, which resulted in a better outcome than they have initially expected, with the system running as smooth as ever.

As you can imagine, they were more than eager to share this information with users everywhere, via social media platforms, such as Reddit.

I’ve done both a clean win10 VM and clean win11 VM as well as an image of a semi-bloated win10 and upgraded to win 11 and it seems faster and less of a resource hog than Windows 10 did. Not comparable to a clean Linux install but still way better than before

Too early to tell much about Windows 11

So a few days have passed ever since this version of Windows 11 got released or leaked on the internet and, although everyone has his own opinion, the truth is that its still too early to be able to judge the new OS.

As we stated in a previous article, this version of the operating system is highly restrictive and only showcases a few of the features that will be available with the complete edition.

Just to get an idea of how many things are missing from this early Windows 11, keep in mind that even basic built-in apps such as the Microsoft Store have not been included.

Also, users that want to try this new experience must be able to login with a Microsoft account, or say goodbye to the whole situation.

Basically, Microsoft is already nudging users to do this, the only workaround for avoiding having to use a Microsoft account is by not connecting to the internet.

Only time will tell and only when the tech giant decides to release a more complete version of Windows 11, will we be able to actually judge the new OS for what it actually is.

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